Our Passion is to Educate and Promote Individual Freedom Through Money and Technology.

Winnipeg Crypto Conference's goal is to educate and help the public and businesses about the benefits of using Cryptocurrencies, adopting blockchain technology and knowing about the history of money, currency and other alternative mediums of exchange. We give you the experts and the information to make an informed decision about your involvement and investment into the new groundbreaking technology of blockchains and wealth insurance against the fiat currency system. Winnipeg Crypto Conference is bringing to the region their passionate view through a diverse speaker roster of experts on the technology, early adoption, implementation, developers and people who look at the past to see what the future will bring. We invite you to come out and experience top-notch content from world-leading experts that could be a game-changer for the world we live in. The future can be transparent and free!


David Morgan


Andy Hoffman


Anthem Hayek Blanchard


Daniel Keyes


Rodrigo Ambrissi


Vít Jedlička


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